Growel Agrovet’ core competency is its excellent product quality backed by skilled professionals with highest quality and efficiency.Growel’ manufacturing plants are equipped with sophisticated machinery,supported by fully equipped and high standard laboratory apart from well qualified, experienced and expertise manufacturing and quality control checkups.

Growel follows all stringent quality control methods to assure best quality products.Growel Agrovet’s products are well accepted by the veterinarians world wide. Growel has its own brands & formulations.All formulations are processed under the keen supervision of qualified and experienced technocrats

Growel Products Production













Growel Agrovet’ products production is taking place in our well equipped plants in Bangalore. In each plant we have sophisticated machinery and facilities to take care of the production process as well as quality assurance. All plants are well planned in production capacity to meet the future demands also.

Growel Agrovet’s animal health care products for a variety of ailments and veterinary segments are the fruits of earnest research,unique dosage forms and drug delivery systems that are accepted by the veterinary professionals as an effective alternative to conventional brands.

Growel Products Production

Description of the quality system and the activities of the quality control department. Process for the release of printed components and finished goods.

Testing of Finished goods as per respective SOP.
Carrying out stability studies as per respective SOP.
Testing of water as per respective SOP.

As soon as any batch has been finally packed, the in process QA person draws random samples of the finished goods, these random samples are then tested against approved specifications by the QC department.These specifications are normally more specifications (known as product release specifications). The quality control department certifies that the Goods which meet the laid down specifications.The batch production record is then reviewed by the quality assurance manager. He checks that all the documents are complete in all respects and for the compliance with cGMPS at various steps. The QA manager releases the batch for distribution by signing the BPR.

Growel Products Production

Procedure for release of printed packaging materials.
All printed packaging materials on receipt from vender are stored in warehouse under test status. A goods receipt note for the material is made and sent to QC department on the receipt of the goods receipt note.

The QC department assigns an analytical reference number to the material and does sampling on the same as per respective SOP of sampling. Samples are tested as per the approved specification and compared with approved standards and shade cards. Following standards test procedures,if the samples conform to the specifications, then the consignment is released and an approved label is pasted over the “Under Test” label. The consignment is then moved to the approved bay.

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