1. Growel and their Products to me was nothing less than an accident, and I could only mention that since the time this happy accident happened, for us it became like a mandatory need.
    More than the great products that Growel has, it has a superb personality who has solutions to all your question that you need to upkeep and flourish your vet requirements.
    Rakesh Ji, you may consider me as any other friend to whom you stop by and smile, but your aura of impression that you have created on me and my business cannot be described in mere words.
    Please remain a great mentor as you have always been…. Thank you.

  2. Sir I interested your agrovet company for your poultry and cattel products
    I Javid enterprise pharmaceutical distributors of kashimir valley I stockists this company PlZ send me a cantac no with your company me dealing

  3. The Growel products are very good and quality products.these products can prove game changer for the poultry farmers. Really good result.I strongly recommend Growel products for poultry

  4. growel products are very reliable and with very good results.these products can be game changer for poultry farmers as the results of growel products are very encouraging.I strongly recmond these products.

  5. Dear Respective I need a dealership of yours product in Deoria, Gorakhpur, Kushinagar, Azamgarh, Mau, and Gazipur in the city so please suggest me what is a procedure to catch your dealership

    Angad Kumar

  6. Hello sir buffalo me dudh badane ke liye aapka konsa products jiyada kam karega aur kitna dudh badhayega aur kitne time tak Dena hoga es se koi saideffact ya koi aniya paresani to nahi banegi example agar koi buffalo 7 ltr dudh deti hai to apka products khilane se kitna dudh badh jayegi aur kitne price ka hai meri email par Puri jankari bheje thank you

  7. kindly open an office in my dear country nigeria or have an agent for us to have access to your product which i hard about through a freind from india with urgency please.

  8. very good products of GROWEL comparing to other’s,
    I strongly recommend GROWEL products.
    First i have asked for sample just paying nominal amount and after seeing the results i have asked for bulk.
    Only for cattle farming

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