Growel’ Guaranteed Milk Boosting Formula For Cow,Buffalo & Goat.

Growel Milk BoosterGrowel Milk Booster 

ग्रोवेल मिल्क बुस्टर

Grow-Cal D3- 1 ltr. 

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Growvit Power-100 ml.

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Growel’s unique milk boosting formula increases milk output of cows, buffaloes & goats by a minimum of 0.5 Litre to 1 Litre in the morning & evening sessions.Moreover, there are many additional benefits to all the livestock including cows/buffaloes/goats, which are mentioned below:

· Maintains overall health of animals.

· Improves skeletal and muscular strength.

· Helps in healthy pregnancy and improved fertility.

· Prevents milk fever, rickets and optimises fat level in milk.

· Increases disease resistance and heals any wounds or cuts faster.

Formula Dosage : Make a mixture of 1 Ltr. Grow Cal D-3 & 100 ml Growvit Power and Feed 100 ml mixture to Cows,Buffaloes & Goats every morning for the next eleven days. You will see the difference from the 4 day onward.

Yes, we are giving guarantee of increased milk production and added benefits. To trust our time tested claims, please try our formula once and you will be testimonial to the quality of our medicines. This product is in market since twelve years and has recorded the fastest growth in this category and is

endorsed nationally and internationally by the caring milk producers and cattle owners.

Packaging : 1 ltr. Grow Cal D3 + 100 ml Growvit Power

How Growel’ Veterinary Products are Unique & Strongest in Veterinary Industry?

  • Growel’ veterinary products are with over & above compositions than other major brands.
  • Our one veterinary product’s compositions are equivalent to almost three products of leading company’s products. Please check our product’s compositions carefully.
  • Our veterinary products has been developed such a way that it is giving immediate result, once it is used in Pet, Poultry,Aqua or Cattle.
  • The quality of our veterinary products are affecting the profitability of Pet, Poultry,Aqua and Cattle owners and finally our channel partners.
  • We are using the best quality of raw materials & latest technology to manufacture our veterinary products.
  • Finally we are giving 100% guarantee of quality, performance & efficacy of our veterinary products.Due to  quality of  our veterinary products Growel is trusted by millions of Pet, Poultry,Aqua and Cattle owners worldwide.

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