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We Growel are manufacturer of premium quality Animal Healthcare Products, Veterinary Medicines Pet, Poultry, Cattle & Aqua Supplements.

We are in the process of appointing franchise & distributor at the country level, state-level & district level across the globe. If you are interested in being a franchisee of Growel’ Pet, Poultry, Cattle & Aqua Supplements, Veterinary Medicine & Animal Healthcare Products, get in touch with us.

Benefits for Franchise of Growel Agrovet Private Limited:

  • Professionally managed Private Limited Company.
  • A stamp of assured guaranteed quality, consistency, and efficacy.
  • Strongest veterinary medicine, poultry, pets, cattle & aqua feed supplements in the global market.
  • 100% value for the investment to the end-user.
  • World-class veterinary formulations prepared by the renowned scientist.
  • Capital investment can be recovered within two months.
  • Highest profit margin among quality products.
  • We have all of India and across the global network for transporting the products.
  • Our product quality and efficacy are three times stronger than major global brands.
  • Last but not least, we are giving a guarantee of the quality and performance of the products.

  Benefits for Poultry & Cattle Farmers of Using Growel Agrovet Products.

  • The growth rate of poultry, cattle, milk & egg production increased around 25% to 75%.
  • Growel’s product improves FCR in cattle & poultry, and you will save approx 25% money on feed.
  • Growel’s products maintain zero mortality rates in poultry chicks.
  • After using Growel’s products, there is the least fear of any diseases or infections to poultry, pets, and cattle.
  • Once farmers are using Growel’s products, their overall profit increased minimum by 50%.
  • Our products are antibiotic-free, which produces better and healthy milk, meat & eggs.

We have a very credible, transparent, and honest franchise business policy, no gimmick at all. Only Quality, Quality & our motto & mission.

To get an idea about the quality of our products, please have a look at our product compositions carefully at  Veterinary Products, Pet Supplements, and Growel Review, then finally Test Growel’s Products and judge it yourself.

To avail of this franchise opportunity, you should have a good network in your area. Being a franchise of Growel, veterinary medicine business background is not necessary because Growel products are such strong that once a customer uses it, they will automatically demand the products.

If you believe in quality products and trust our quality, please fill up the franchise opportunity form below and send us. We will get back to you at the earliest possible.

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