CRD in Poultry- Chronic Respiratory Disease

CRD in Poultry- Chronic Respiratory Disease

CRD in poultry is mainly a respiratory disease in poultry. The main cause of CRD in chickens is a pathogenic bacterium called Mycoplasma gallisepticum. CRD in poultry is a disease that affects broiler, layer, breeder poultry, and other birds such as pigeons, birds like ducks, pheasants, etc.

If CRD in the bird is not treated right, many other diseases also occur in birds. So, let us discuss in detail the symptoms, causes, and treatment of CRD in poultry:

 What is the sign and symptoms of CRD in poultry?

  1. If there is a wheezing sound when breathing in chickens, it is a symptom of CRD.
  2. If there is water coming from the nose and eyes or foaming from the eyes in chickens, this is also a symptom of CRD.
  3. If there is swelling in the eyes of chickens, then this is also a symptom of CRD.
  4. If the birds look like one and a half or two kilos but once weighed, the actual weight is significantly less.
  5. In addition, chickens are very lazy, so lethargic that they have to lift with support or shake them by hand; this is also a CRD symptom in chickens.
  6. If the production of eggs is significantly reduced in the laying hens, then this is also a symptom of CRD in birds.
  7. Birds are estimated to have CRD even if they have stunted weight and growth.
  8. Loss of appetite in chickens can also be a cause of CRD in chickens.
  9. CRD can also cause lameness in chickens.
  10. It is thinning of the Chicken droppings and becoming green or red.

How to protect birds and chickens from CRD disease? 

  • To protect birds and chickens from CRD disease, it is most important to always get the chicks from good and reputed hatcheries as the quality of the chicks primarily affects the health of the chickens and profits in your poultry business.
  • Separate sick chickens from healthy chickens because these sick chickens are prone to disease even to healthy chickens.
  • Always follow the rules of biosecurity in poultry farming.
  • Do not allow other people and animals to enter the poultry farm; if a person needs to go to the poultry farm, then he should wash his hands, wear a mask and wear slippers to go to the farm. Keep a separate sandal or shoe to go to the poultry farm, do not enter the poultry farm yourself or allow others to enter the poultry farm by wearing outside slippers or shoes.
  • Keep the bedding (litter) dry and do not allow dust to enter the poultry farm; keep the poultry farm well ventilated.
  • Water quality is also a significant reason for chickens to get sick, so the drinking water of chickens should always be free from bacteria and germs. To make the chicken’s drinking water free from harmful bacteria, you should always add Aquacure to the drinking water of chickens. Aquacure purifies the water by eliminating the bacteria and salinity present in the water. Adding Aquacure to water reduces the rate of disease in chickens and birds and also strengthens the digestion process of chickens and birds.
  • To protect the chickens from the disease of CRD, from the third (3) day to the sixth (6) day, the chickens should be given Respiratory Herbs mixed in 1 ml of water on 100 chickens.
  • Use Viraclean regularly.

Follow biosecurity rules: 

The most important way to protect birds and chickens from the disease of CRD is to follow the rules of biosecurity, that is, to take care of cleanliness. Taking care of cleanliness means the cleanliness of the farm-shed of birds and the cleanliness of their food feeder, their water drinker, their feed, and birds drinking water.

Adopt the All in All Out method in poultry farming, i.e., put all the chicks on a farm only once and, when they grow up, sell all the chickens at once. This is because CRD is transmitted from one bird to another. If you do not sell all the birds at once and the birds you do not sell and have CRD disease in them, then the new chicks you put in will also get CRD disease. Adopting the All in All Out method will prevent the disease of CRD and reduce the risk of many other poultry diseases.

Completely remove old bedding (litter) from the poultry shed and lay new bedding. But before laying new bedding, clean the floor thoroughly, let it dry, then spray the disinfectant, Viraclean very well on the floor, walls, curtains, door, and outside the poultry shed.

Wash the chicken water drums, drinkers, and feeders thoroughly, then wash them with Viraclean solution.

Keep in mind that after selling the chickens, bring new chicks only after seven (7) days of cleaning the farm. For these seven (7) days, keep spraying Viraclean in the empty farm at an interval of every 1-2 days. Even when the new chicks come to the farm, spray Viraclean every 2-3 days. Spray Viraclean on floor-walls-curtains-doors and around the farm.

What is Viraclean, after all?

Viraclean is a world-renowned disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria of poultry farms and protects chickens and birds from CRD disease and many diseases. Viraclean is the best quality disinfectant which gives guaranteed results.

What to do if chickens get CRD disease?

In the case of CRD disease in chickens, a sure-fire and world-famous medicine for CRD is Respiratory Herbs. Feed 5 ml Respiratory Herbs to 100 birds in the morning and 15 ml Amino Power in the evening.

While mixing Respiratory Herbs with water, keep in mind that the mixed water should be consumed/drunk by the chickens in an hour. Respiratory Herbs should be fed to the birds until the CRD is completely cured.

Also, keep in mind that the drinking water of chickens is pure and free from bacteria; for this, add Aquacure regularly to the water.

Use Viraclean regularly.

You can buy these medicines online by visiting the link given below.

If you will follow these guidelines, then there is the slightest fear of CRD and E-Coli in our bird’s flock, and your poultry farming business would always be profitable

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