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Growel Agrovet Private Limited

Growel Agrovet Private Limited is specialized in manufacturing, marketing & exporting premium quality of Pet, Poultry, Cattle & Aqua Healthcare Products & Veterinary Medicine for optimum health, growth  & productivity of pets and livestock. Growel Agrovet Private Limited is simply giving a guarantee for the quality and result-oriented Indian veterinary medicines.

Growel Agrovet Private Limited animal & bird healthcare products, feed supplements, and veterinary medicines are unique. They are manufactured using the best ingredients with the most advanced manufacturing technology to be a boon for Pet, Poultry, Cattle & Aqua. The management of Growel Agrovet Private Limited strictly follows the ethics of the veterinary profession and is very much concerned for the welfare of livestock & pet owners. Renowned veterinary scientists and management professionals manage this company. Growel Agrovet Private Limited is formed as per the companies act 1956 (Government of India). The roots of this company are 17 years old. Growel Agrovet Private Limited is known for quality and result-oriented Indian veterinary products.

Growel Agrovet Private Limited offers superior high-performance poultry & cattle healthcare products in its portfolio and the most effective customer-focused service. This is accomplished through the strong science base and the company’s R&D engine, a customer-centric approach, dedicated management team who are involved at the grassroots level.

veterinary medicine

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