Layer Poultry Medicine Schedule Chart

Schedules chart for layer poultry medicine, why it is Important? A healthy layer birds can lay maximum eggs .For healthy layer poultry farming birds need a balanced nutrition with enough level of proteins, vitamins, minerals, calcium, hygienic water and other nutrient apart from hygienic environment.

So proper and balance nutritant is important to continue the maximum egg production over a certain period of time. Improper nutrition can make the layer poultry to stop or drop laying eggs. That’s why it is so important to supply a continuous balanced nutrition to get a continuous supply of eggs.

One more important thing that at different stage of life cycle of layer poultry they need, different nutritant . So keeping in mind that your birds should lay maximum eggs and should be remain healthy , we have prepare the schedules chart for layer poultry medicine  .

Please once you follow Growel’ medicine as per schedules chart for layer poultry medicine, you will see the differences within a month. After following schedules chart for layer poultry medicine  , your egg production will increase gradually and simultaneously your profit too

Proper method of feeding layer poultry medicine chart as per schedule:

Medicine mixed water should be kept that amount only that bird should drink it within two hours.

  1. Always take care that medicines should not be wasted or left in drinker or feeder.
  2. For the better result follow the medicine chart schedule from the day one.
  3. Normally try to feed the medicines in the morning.
  4. Shake well all liquid medicines before every use.
  5. Mix the medicines  properly with feed or water.
  6. Keep sufficient drinkers and feeders.

Please Download Growel’ Poultry Medicine Chart for Layer Poultry 

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