Veterinary Guide

Veterinary Guide

Veterinary Guide section is collections of general veterinary free books, these veterinary guides and books  are  useful for everyone who  are related with veterinary profession.

In this section we have added Black Veterinary Dictionary, it is not only veterinary dictionary  but a veterinary encyclopaedia too .To search any  terms or word’s meaning in Black’s Veterinary Dictionary ,you need to download it first then  on any page ,you need to press Ctrl + F then a search box will open and you need to type related term or word and press enter.

To click any guide or book ,just click on the name of guide or book and it will be downloaded. Please share this page maximum possible that maximum people get benefited.Thanks !


1. Basics of Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology

2. A Report on Livestock Industry in India

3. Applied Animal Management Guide

4. Breeding Practice for Farm Animals

5. Anatomy & Physiology of Animals

6.Poultry & Farm Animals Anatomy

7. Black’ Veterinary Dictionary

8. Livestock Farmers Calender

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