Fish Farming

Fish Farming business  demands special knowledge, skills and day-to-day careful monitoring. Commercial fish farming has proven to be an economically successful business venture throughout the globe.

fish farming

Keeping in this mind we have picked very helpful books and guides about fish farming .For a profitable fish farming business you should have a sound knowledge about fish farming .

Fish farming section is a collections of guides related with basics of fish farming, shrimp farming, ponds construction for fish farming, spawn production etc.

All fish farming books are free, downloadable  & printable ,just you need to click on the relevant fish farming book and download it. please share this page maximum possible that maximum people get benefited.

1. What is Fish Culture ?

2. Shrimp Farming Guide

3. A Brief Guide To Fish Farming

4. Fish Farming Business Planning

5. Spawn Production of Common Carp

6. How to Do Spawn Production in Hapas ?

7. How To Select & Construct Ponds for Fish Farming ?

8.Growel Guide to Fish Ponds Construction & Management

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